Torts - Personal Injury Law

Torts-Personal Injury Law

Assault and Battery

Assault and Battery Law:

Considered a single offense in criminal law, assault and battery is a form of personal injury. An assault is the act that creates fear of a possible battery and the battery is the act of unlawful touching. Assault and battery is intentional, which means that a person (the defendant) intends to put the victim (the plaintiff) in fear of battery, or actually intends to wrongfully touch.

Injury victims of an Assault and battery can seek relief through a personal injury law tort or lawsuit. An assault is an intentional act that creates fear in the victim of possible battery, which is unlawful touching against a person’s will. Assault and battery is a criminal offense, in which the defendant intends to threaten someone and then cause him or her physical harm.

Victims of assault and battery crimes experience physical, physiological, mental, property and financial losses. California law allows victims of these crimes to seek funds to recover from injuries, replace damages, stolen or destroyed property and rehabilitate from injures and other traumas. Commonly called Crime Victims Rights, Assault and Battery injury law is an option injured victims should investigate to help them recover.

Assault and Battery Injury Lawyers

Our Personal injury lawyers may be able to help secure funds for your recovery from an assault and battery. Our Active Law Group injury lawyers are experienced in many varieties of circumstances leading to an assault and battery injury, and can thus assist you in best developing your case. Personal injury lawyer can investigate if the party who committed the assault and battery has assets to peruse. Assault and Battery injury lawyers can also seek out circumstance in which other parties are also negligent and liable.

Assault and Battery Legal Issue:

An assault can be accomplished even without any contact with the plaintiff. For example, if the defendant points a toy knife at the plaintiff, he/she may be accused of assault even he/she was at a far distance from the plaintiff and had no way of inflicting harm. A battery is intentional touching against that person’s will, but sometimes an object or substance put in motion is considered battery even if it does not cause an injury. If a defendant spits on a plaintiff or pokes the plaintiff with his/her index finger, the defendant may have committed a battery.

What an Active Law Group Injury Lawyer can do for you?

Personal injury lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with assault and battery cases. They have a defense strategy that caters to specific circumstances of the case such as:

  • If the victim consented to the harm or not
  • If the use of violence was permitted in order to prevent a crime
  • If it was self-defense
  • If it was a mutual agreement to fight

Police Brutality Injury Law

When law enforcement, namely police officers, use excessive physical force, assaults or threats, it is called police brutality. This term also applies to prison officers. Police brutality is a form of police misconduct and often involves racial profiling.

Police Brutality Legal Issues:

Police brutality occurs for a number or reasons. Some people believe that the majority of people brutalized by police are minorities or blue-collar workers. Peaceful protesters, onlookers, prisoners and people in police custody are also affected by police brutality. Sometimes it is a political or religious issue and police allow their own beliefs and values interfere with their work, even though they are trained not to do so.

What an Injury Active Law Group Lawyer can do for you?

In the case of police brutality, it is best to consult an experienced personal injury lawyer. Unfair treatment by police officers should not be ignored. Speaking to a lawyer will help you get the justice you need. By consulting with an Active Law Group personal injury lawyer, you can raise awareness of the dishonest activities of law enforcement and get compensation for your distress.

If you are a victim of police brutality, our police brutality lawyers can help you get justice. Call us today and discuss the police brutality case at hand and get options for your defense. +1(800)-237-3027

Malicious Prosecution

Malicious Prosecution Law:

When a person files a lawsuit against another to purposefully create costs, distractions and distress for that person, it is known as malicious prosecution. Pursuing legal action intentionally without probable cause are grounds for malicious prosecution. If the defendant in the case wins and has direct evidence to prove that the suit was under malicious prosecution and filed out of spite, he/she may file for damages against the plaintiff.

Malicious Prosecution Legal Issues:

Malicious prosecution is very difficult to prove because malice has to be established. In other words, there needs to be proof that a client provoked their attorney to be more aggressive, so they can get the settlement in their interest. When an attorney crosses the line and acts in malice, charges of malicious prosecution can be declared.

What an Active Law Group Lawyer can do for you?

In order to file a malicious prosecution lawsuit, it needs to be established that there was no probable cause. A personal injury lawyer can help justify your position by demonstrating other successful cases in which similar facts existed. A malicious prosecution lawyer can make sure the courts do not take your suit lightly and can strengthen your arguments.


If you believe you are a victim of malicious prosecution, call an Active Law Group Attorney today and get a free consultation by one of our lawyers. Our expert personal injury lawyers know malicious prosecution and can help you get the justice you deserve. +1(800)-237-3027


Auto Accidents 

Auto Accident Injury Law:

Auto accident injurys occur when a vehicle collides with another vehicle. Sometimes the effects of being involved in an auto accident can be devastating and painful. Common auto accident injuries include head, brain, joint, bone, and muscle injuries, as well as whiplash. Most often, auto accidents are quickly settled or handled through both drivers’ insurance companies. When an auto accident results in personal injury, they lead to lawsuits.

An auto accident is the unintentional collision between two motor vehicles. Auto accidents commonly cause physical damage to the vehicles involved, but may also cause personal injury to one of more of the individuals involved. This includes drivers and passengers. Types of injuries commonly caused by auto accidents may include, but are not limited to:

  • broken bones,
  • whiplash,
  • neck or back injuries,
  • brain damage,
  • muscle injuries, and
  • wrongful death.

In addition to physical pain and suffering, auto accident injuries can cause medical expenses, long-term recovery therapy, and lost wages. Because such an injury is of no fault of the victim of the accident, he or she may file a lawsuit against the other party and seek damages and funding for medical expenses.

Auto Accident Injury Lawyers

An Active Law Group personal injury lawyer with auto accident injury experience can assist you if you have suffered an injury due to an auto accident. Experienced injury lawyers can examine your case, speak with witnesses, and help prove liability in your accident. An auto accident attorney will work with, negotiate with or sue the other party or their insurance carrier to secure the funds you need to recover. In cases in which the other party is uninsured and you have “uninsured motorist insurance,” a personal injury attorney with deal with your insurance company so you can focus on healing. An auto accident lawyer will help to ensure you get the compensation and recovery damages you deserve.

Auto Accidents Injury Legal Issues:

Personal injury occurrences are most commonly due to auto accidents. Most as small “fender benders” but some of the time they result in severe injury, disability and even death. Some of the consequences of auto accident injuries are pain and suffering, medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, and emotional distress. All of these injuries may amount to compensation. Unfortunately, most auto accident personal injury victims do not receive the full amount of entitled damages.

What an Active Law Group Injury Lawyer can do for you?

In the case of auto accident injury, a lawyer can help prove liability by showing evidence and speaking to witnesses. They can ensure proper medical care for your injuries. Auto accident injury lawyers understand the law and can help you document your injuries so you can get the compensation you ought to have.

If you have been hurt in an auto accident, our Active Law Group injury lawyers can help you get the appropriate compensation and medical care you deserve.  contact our auto accident injury lawyers today. Our professional lawyers will help you overcome your auto accident injury.

Aviation Accidents

Aviation Accident Injury Law:

An aviation accident deals with the operation of an aircraft, in the way that a person or a group of persons who board the aircraft disembark with serious injuries or the aircraft sustains damage and fails. If the aircraft operation affects the safety of the passengers, it is an aviation accident.

An aviation accident is defined as an accident that occurs with or on an aircraft, at any point during the period in which passengers board and disembark the aircraft. In an aviation accident, personal injuries, aircraft damage, aircraft failures, or aircraft collisions may occur. All instances may put the passengers in harm and may result in injuries or fatalities.

Many factors can play a role in an aviation accident. For example, the aircraft may have maintenance issues, the air traffic controllers may be negligent or improperly trained, the pilots may make a mistake, or the fuel may run out.

Aviation accidents can be extremely serious and can cause severe injuries, resulting even in death.

Aviation Accident Injury Lawyers:

Anyone that has suffered an aviation accident is likely entitled to certain economic damages. Injury lawyers that are experienced in aviation accidents can best assist the victims in proving liability and in seeking fair compensation from the negligent party. If you have been injured in an aviation accident, a personal injury lawyer will help investigate the accident, the aircraft, and all personnel involved to help make the strongest case possible for you and your loved ones that have been affected by such a life-changing accident.

Aviation Accident Injury Legal Issues:

Whether big or small, plane crashes occur for several reasons. Sometimes it is the pilot’s error, poor weather conditions, maintenance issues, fuel problems or negligence on the part of the air controller. In any case, aviation accidents can result in various injuries or even be fatal.

What an Active Law Group Injury Lawyer can do for you?

Our attorneys can investigate the aviation accident and identify the liable parties. Attorneys can investigate the features of the plane model and help you in the case of pain and suffering. The long term effects of a personal injury inflicted by an aviation accident can be devastating and costly. An Active Law Group Aviation accident lawyers can help you get the compensation you need.


Defamation Law:

A false and offensive statement concerning another person is called defamation. Other elements of defamation are publications of the statement to a third party, negligence on the part of the publisher or the defamatory statement, and damage to the plaintiff. In defamation law, the statement does not have to be in print. This is called personal defamation, where charges are recognized to cause damage to the plaintiff.

Defamation includes the following, whether in print or per se:

  • Attacks on personal character or
  • professional character
  • Assumptions that a person has a sexually transmitted disease
  • Assumptions that a person has committed an immoral crime

Defamation Legal Issues:

Defamatory statements, whether published or per se, have negative consequences for a person who is getting defamed. Reputation will be hurt, professionally and personally and since the defamation is made public, it may be hard to overcome it.

What an Active Law Group Lawyer can do for you?

Your name is too valuable to let someone destroy it. Defamatory statements can compromise your name and reputation. A defamation lawyer can help you get justice and overcome humiliation in front of millions. A lawyer can help you figure out if you have a valid defamation claim.

Contact an Active Law Group defamation lawyer today. Our experienced lawyers can help you evaluate your defamation claim and determine if it’s advisable to pursue your defamation claim.

Invasion of Privacy

Invasion of Privacy Law:

Invasion of privacy is a violation of one’s right of being alone. It deals with the right against search and seizure of one’s property and the control of information distributed to the public regarding oneself. There are several ways a person can experience invasion of privacy, such as:

  • False light – when a person is falsely portrayed in the media
  • Disclosure of Private Facts – when embarrassing/private facts about a person become public concern
  • Intrusion – when someone interrupts a person in a place where the intruded person expects to have privacy, i.e. spying on someone at home

Invasion of Privacy Legal Issues:

All states have their own set rules for invasion of privacy. However, it is best to know what constitutes as invasion of privacy. If you have participated in an action that constitutes an invasion of privacy you can liable in both civil and criminal courts. If you are the victim of invasion of privacy you can pursue a civil lawsuit.

What an Active Law Group Lawyer can do for you?

A lawyer has the experience to protect your rights if you claim invasion of privacy. Our Lawyers know what constitutes invasion of privacy and how to keep your private affairs private. Sometimes invasion of privacy may result in embarrassment and monetary loss. An Active Law Group lawyer can assist you in getting compensated.

Product Liability

Product Liability Injury Law:

Product liability is the law that holds manufacturers, retailers, suppliers and other makers of a product responsible for injuries caused by that product. A product liability claim could consist of a defect in the design, a defect in manufacturing or a failure to warn the consumer of something. Manufacturers can be held liable even if they do not act with negligence. Product liability claims can be Valid based on the idea that the manufacturer oversaw a certain aspect during production.

Product Liability Injury Legal Issues:

A person can claim product liability if there was negligence, breach of warranty or strict liability. A person making a product liability claim has to prove that the product is in fact defective. In other words it needs to be proven that there was either a design, manufacturing or marketing defect.

What an Active Law Group Injury Lawyer can do for you?

Anyone has the right to sue for injuries suffered by defect in purchased goods. Claiming product liability can be complicated. An Active Law Group product liability lawyer can be helpful in determining whether you have valid claims. An Active Law Group personal injury lawyer can help you determine if the product was unreasonably dangerous. A personal injury lawyer can also prepare and represent you claim.

If a product or good you have purchased has injured you or made you ill, you might have a product liability lawsuit. Even if you have questions about product liability, or you want to determine whether your injury was caused by a defect in the product you purchased, contact an Active Law Group product liability injury lawyer today to assist you. +1(800)-237-3027

Sexual Assault:

What is Sexual Assault?

Any form of sexual conduct, such as intercourse, touching, fondling, or other sexual activity that is non-consensual classifies as sexual assault. If any such sexual activity or sexually related conduct is unwanted, it is sexual assault. This includes forcing sex upon another, showing another person ones genitals, touching someone that does not want to be touched, incest, and sexual contact with minors.

Victims of sexual assault face many injuries, both physical and emotional. Sexual assault can cause injuries, gynecological problems, broken bones, bruises, bleeding, infections, and other health issues. It can also lead to unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, sexual assault is a highly severe emotional and mental crime that can result in life long trauma for the victim. Those subject to it may face depression, fear, anxiety, paranoia, embarrassment, and many other psychological issues that take a great deal of time to heal from.

Sexual Assault Victim Lawyers

Sexual assault lawyers can be an excellent resource for victims of this heinous crime. You may be able to file a lawsuit against the assailant in a civil court to help you recover medical expenses, therapy expenses and other damages. Our attorney will also help to make sure the assailant faces criminal charges and is punished appropriately.

If the sexual assault occurred at your workplace, an organization or business, private property or other supervised location, there may be a third party that can also be held liable for your injuries. An experienced Active Law Group personal injury attorney will help you through this difficult time by holding the assailant and/or third party liable and ensuring they face the consequences of their actions.

Active Law Group legal assistance is available for you! if you or a loved one are the victim’s of sexual assault. Our Attorney’s can help you get the compensation you deserve. Call today for a FREE Consultation. +1(800)-237-3027

Property Damage

Property Damage Law:

Property damage is damage caused to one’s public or private property by another person. Neglect and intentional damage are generalized property damage causes. If property is damaged intentionally, it is considered violence and may cause personal injury. Vandalism is a form of intentional property damage.

Property Damage Legal Issues:

Property damage is a serious problem that can affect not only you but your community. If you are a victim of property damage, it can get expensive and time consuming. Insurance coverage might not always be enough to cover all expenses. Property damage could also be an act of gang activity or hate crimes.

What an Active Law Group Lawyer can do for you?

Property damage cases can be charged as misdemeanors or felonies. The case may be a felony if more than $1,500 worth of property is vandalized. The victim of property damage may also have civil remedies. If you are the victim of property damage or vandalism it is important to contact a lawyer so you can get the appropriate compensation you need in order to recover from property damage.

If you have recently been a victim of property damage, we can provide you with the compenstionation you need. Call an Active Law Group Attorney, and speak to a property damage lawyer today.(949)-855-0600

Childhood Sexual Abuse

Childhood Sexual Abuse Law:

Childhood sexual abuse is when a child is being abused sexually and taken advantage of. It may involve direct body contact, but not in all cases. Childhood sexual abuse can also be exposing of one’s genitals to a child or pressuring them to have sex. Child pornography is also a form of child sexual abuse. Most childhood sexual abuse occurs by abusers who know the child personally.

Childhood sexual abuse is a criminal act that involves any type of sexual conduct or sex-related conduct with a child or minor. This can occur in the form of rape, molestation, inappropriate touching, prostitution, incest, sexual exploitation, pornography, etc. Anytime an adult or older minor takes advantage of a child by forcing, coercing, persuading, using, or employing the child to take part in any form of sexually related act, it is considered childhood sexual abuse and is punishable by law. Showing a child one’s genitals or pornography may also be considered childhood sexual abuse.

Childhood sexual abuse can cause severe long-term trauma in the victims, and is thus a part of personal injury law. Forms of personal injury that may result from childhood sexual abuse include, but are not limited to, physical injuries or illnesses, mental or behavioral disorders, post-traumatic stress, and life-long psychological issues.

Childhood Sexual Abuse Victims Lawyers:

Childhood sexual abuse can be a nightmare that affects the entire family. That is why there are strict childhood sexual abuse laws that are a part of the nation’s child protection policies to deal with such abuse. A personal injury lawyer that is experienced in childhood sexual abuse law will help you and your family file a lawsuit against your child’s abuser. An experienced attorney will work with the legal guardian of the child to gather evidence against the perpetrator, make a case, and file a civil lawsuit. This can help the family recover damages and medical expenses so that the child can quickly get on the road to healing. A childhood sexual abuse lawyer will also help ensure the abuser pays for their crime.

Childhood Sexual Abuse Legal Issues:

Children who experience this type of sexual abuse can develop a wide range of medical and behavioral problems. Childhood sexual abuse victims may have separation anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder and many physical illnesses due to the assault. The expense to child and family can be extreme.

What an Active Law Group Injury Lawyer can do for you?

Childhood sexual abuse lawyers assist victims in various ways, including referrals to health care providers and law enforcement. Active Law Group Childhood sexual abuse lawyers can investigate and gather suitable evidence for a victim’s claims. Lawyers can prepare and file civil lawsuits against the perpetrator of the childhood sexual abuse.

If you or a loved one are a victim’s of childhood sexual abuse and need a qualified sex abuse lawyer, contact Active Law Group today! Find out how to recover the damages you are entitled to.  We are here to assist you. (949)-855-0600

Slip and Fall

What are Slip and Fall Injuries?

When a person is injured on another’s property by slipping, falling, or tripping due to a hazardous object or condition, it is called a slip and fall injury. Examples of slip and fall injuries include slipping on ice, tripping over debris, falling off of a ladder, tripping on uneven surfaces, slipping on a wet surface, tripping over a hole, and other similar accidents that may cause the victim to fall.

Slip and fall injuries may result in broken bones, sprained ankles, back injuries, torn muscles, etc. Typically, the property owner where the slip and fall took place is liable for the accident, as they are expected to keep their property free from hazardous conditions.

Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers

Personal injury lawyers are experienced in slip and fall cases. an Active Law Group attorney will assist a victim by thoroughly investigating the conditions of the accident, finding the liable party, and speaking with witnesses. If you have suffered a slip and fall injury, an experienced attorney may be able to help you recover compensation for medical expenses, lost income, and other damages related to your pain and suffering. Our lawyers will also deal with any insurance companies that may be involved so you can take the time to focus on your recovery.

Active Law Group will connect you with a personal injury attorney that is knowledgeable in slip and fall injuries. Seeking legal advice is beneficial, as it may be difficult to prove fault in a slip and fall accident. Our (A.L.G.) Attorneys can help you quickly recover,  and ensure the responsible party is held liable. Helping you get the recovery you need.

Toxic Exposure

Toxic Chemical Exposure Injury Law:

Toxic chemical exposure can lead to very serious personal injuries. In some cases, it may lead to death. Sometimes companies withhold information about the harmful substances present in the workplace and the harmful effects it may have on people’s health. Cases that come up as a result of the serious and deadly health effects of toxic chemical exposure are becoming more frequent. 

Toxic Chemical Exposure Injury Legal Issues:

Toxic chemical exposure can be very serious and range from cancer, birth defects, central and peripheral nervous system problems, respiratory problems, headaches and even memory loss. The effects can be mild and reversible (headache) or serious and irreversible (kidney damage). Greater amounts of toxic chemical exposure can even lead to death. Extreme pain and body function loss can have negative effects on a person’s health. Victims of toxic chemical exposure are entitled to obtain compensation for their losses and pain and suffering.

What an Active Law Group Injury Lawyer can do for you?

Active Law Group Toxic chemical exposure lawyers have the experience it takes to present a case. Lawyers will carefully examine all aspects of the case. They can identify the source of liability, proving where the toxic chemical exposure came from. Toxic chemical exposure lawyers can investigate the cause of the accidents and use persuasion in the testimony, maximizing the compensation the victim needs.

If you are a victim of toxic chemical exposure, contact an Active Law Group experienced toxic exposure lawyer today to help you recover from your serious personal injury. (949)-855-0600