Tax Law

General Tax Law

General tax law is created by the federal and state government, counties, and other municipalities. Tax law comprises of income tax and property tax that is generated through personal efforts. There are also sales taxes, gift taxes, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, property tax and many others. The more assets a person owns, the more complex tax law becomes.

General Tax Law Legal Issues:

Incorrectly filing taxes can cause legal problems with a range of penalties such as fines and jail time. These problems surface when timelines are passed and procedures are not followed properly. If the taxing authority finds these issues, ignoring the problem is the worst thing you can do. Even calling the IRS yourself can be a problem since they have trained investigators who gather evidence and can use that evidence against you later at a criminal proceeding.

What an Active Law Group Lawyer can do for you?

Although the IRS seems to be a good source to turn to during a tax law problem, any statement you use can be used against you in a court of law. A qualified Active Law Group attorney can direct you to the best outcome. Tax lawyers know all the options you may qualify for. They are also exempt from testifying in case the IRS criminally prosecutes you. A CPA is not exempt from testifying, therefore, could be forced to testify you in a criminal trial.

Tax Litigation

Tax Litigation Law:
Tax litigation is litigation over conflicts with tax law or issues that relate to tax matters. Tax litigation occurs between a tax payer and the state or federal government.

Tax Litigation Legal Issues:
Correcting tax litigation as soon as possible helps you avoid a trial, increased fines and potential jail time. If not addressed properly the IRS can freeze your assets, reposes possessions, put liens on property and assets and criminally prosecute.

What an Active Law Group Tax Lawyer can do for you?

Avoid hardships that result from tax litigation, contact a tax litigation lawyer for help. An Active Law Group lawyer can help you with the following:

  • File appropriate claims if you believe you are not responsible for joint tax liability with your spouse
  • Make an agreements in case you are unable to fully pay your taxes
  • Settling an unpaid tax debt
  • Resolve notice issues
  • Mediate between you and the IRS

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