Serious Personal Injury Cases

Mass Disasters

Insurance Claim Denials Resulting From Natural Disasters:

Individuals tend to buy insurance coverage so it will be there for us when disaster strikes. After a fire, gas pipeline explosion, flood, earthquake, landslide, windstorm or other natural disaster, property owners need prompt payment on their insurance claims so they can repair or replace damaged property and begin to move forward with their lives.

Unfortunately, after many natural disasters, some policyholders receive insurance claim denials instead of the help they need. Other claim payments will be delayed for months or years, or even underpaid by the insurance companies.

If you are involved in an insurance coverage dispute relating to a natural disaster — a fire or pipeline explosion, landslide or flood — you need to talk to the lawyers at Active Law Group for skilled legal assistance. Our legal team will review your case and advise you how we can help.


Our insurance attorneys have been standing up for the rights of property insurance policyholders — and getting results — for more than 20 years. We will fight to see that you obtain the full amount of insurance benefits you are entitled to receive.

Few people in California carry earthquake coverage or flood insurance because of the high cost of these types of policies. Yet some property damage may be covered under your homeowners policy or commercial general liability insurance policies.

We will review your policy to determine whether you are insured for the replacement cost of the lost or damaged property. Then we will analyze whether your property was adequately insured. If not, why not? Did the insurance agent fail to write adequate coverage? If insurance broker or agent negligence was involved, we can help.

Has the insurance company offered you only a fraction of the value of your damage? We can help you get an accurate appraisal of the true cost of your property damage.

Schedule A Consultation With Our (A.L.G.) Attorneys:
Has your claim for coverage been denied? Our insurance attorneys will analyze the effects of the natural disaster and the rationale the insurance company is using to deny your insurance claim. Call our Active Law Group office located in Lake Forest at +1(800)-237-3027 or send us an email to learn more about how we can assist you.

Useful Resource: See the United Policyholders Disaster Relief Handbook and Household Inventory Guide for guidance on what to do after a natural disaster.


Catastrophic Incident Law and Legal Definition:

According to 6 USCS § 311, the term “catastrophic incident” means any natural disaster, act of terrorism, or other man-made disaster that results in extraordinary levels of casualties or damage or disruption severely affecting the population (including mass evacuations), infrastructure, environment, economy, national morale, or government functions in an area.

Auto Accidents

Skilled & Experienced Representation

As with other types of negligence, negligence involving motorists consists of three elements:

  1. A defendant’s legal duty to use due care;
  2. A breach of that duty; and
  3. The breach is the proximate cause of the plaintiff’s injury.

A motorist is required to exercise reasonable care in the operation of a vehicle on the roadway. He or she is required to use the degree of care that would be required of a reasonably prudent driver acting in similar circumstances. Generally, for a motorist to meet the test of reasonable care, he or she must maintain a reasonable lookout for traffic and must keep his or her vehicle under such control that to avoid a collision he or she could stop as quickly as required by eventualities that would be anticipated by an ordinarily prudent driver in the same situation.

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In addition to the care that must be exercised while driving, all motorists also have a duty to maintain their automobile in a safe operating condition. This includes proper mechanical maintenance as well as proper equipment, such as shocks and/or tires with sufficient tread and tire pressure.

If you have been involved in an automobile accident you may be entitled to compensation by the negligent party’s insurance company. If that party is uninsured or underinsured, you may also be entitled to compensation from your own insurance company, depending on your policy. In either case, you should never proceed with a negligence claim or discuss your claim with an insurance adjuster without first obtaining legal advice. Insurance companies often try to prematurely entice settlements with injured parties, which in the long run, can cause your case to be significantly undervalued.

Frequently, the first weeks after an accident, you may find that witnesses are difficult to find or have become forgetful, or critical physical evidence may be lost. At Active Law Group, we will promptly investigate an accident to assess and determine fault. We will analyze all the evidence and speak to witnesses while their recollection is still fresh.

Below is a list of things you should always do after an accident:

  • Make sure that the police, sheriff or CHP are called to the scene and that a traffic collision report is filed.
  • Write down the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all witnesses to the accident.
  • Obtain the name, address, telephone number, driver’s license number, insurance information, the vehicle make and model, and the vehicle license plate number of all other persons involved in the accident.
  • Take photographs of the accident scene, including photos of all the vehicles involved.
  • Take photographs of your vehicle before it is repaired or declared a total loss.
  • Take photographs of your injuries immediately after the accident, as well as subsequent photographs of your injuries as they heal.
  • Obtain medical attention immediately and tell your physician exactly how the injury occurred. Be precise in your explanation, as bad descriptions in medical records can become a problem down the line.
  • Always describe all symptoms and complaints, no matter how minor they may seem at the time.

Active Law Group is proud to represent clients who are victims of automobile, motorcycle or truck accidents, and accidents resulting from design flaws or faulty manufacturing in automobiles and trucks, such as defective gas tanks, tires or seat belts.

Any injuries sustained during an automobile accident have the potential to be life-altering. There are many different types of severe injuries which could result, including head trauma, spinal cord injury, broken bones, paralysis, dislocated limbs, internal organ damage, internal bleeding, whiplash, or burns. At Active Law Group, our Lake Forest car accident attorneys understand how important it is that you be able to pay for the medical care you need, as well as continue paying for day-to-day expenses while you are unable to work. We work to help you achieve this, as well as ensure that you get the necessary assistance promised by your insurance company so that your injury is fully treated as necessary. Our dedicated team can sit down with you to discuss your unique circumstances and help you to understand the options available to you.

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Motorcycle Accident

Providing Top Quality Legal Representation

Each year 2,000 motorcyclists are killed in traffic accidents and another 50,000 are injured. 8 out of 10 motorcycle accidents result in death or injury.

Motorcycle riders are especially vulnerable to serious injury if involved in an accident. Motorcyclists are often times unseen by operators of motor vehicles, which can result in horrific accidents. Even when wearing all the proper safety equipment (helmet, gloves, leathers) your injuries can be life changing. It is not uncommon for motorcycle riders to suffer spinal cord injuries, head trauma, broken bones, dislocated limbs, internal bleeding, internal organ damage, burns or whiplash. At the Active Law Group, we will make sure your medical bills get paid and your lost wages get reimbursed. If you require future medical treatment for your injuries, we will ensure that those costs are allocated for as well. Our experienced  (A.L.G.) motorcycle accident attorneys will discuss your situation and present all the options available to you and make sure all your needs are handled professionally.

To successfully litigate a motorcycle accident case, you must prove that the Defendant was negligent in some way. To prove negligence, the following elements must be established:

  1. The defendant had a legal duty to exercise due care (i.e.: the defendant driver must use the degree of care that would be required of a “reasonably prudent person” acting in the same circumstances.);
  2. The Defendant breached that duty of care; (i.e.: the defendant driver breached his duty by failing to keep a reasonable lookout for other vehicles and failed to keep his vehicle under control); and
  3. The breach of that duty was the proximate cause of the plaintiff’s injury.

If you are the victim of a motorcycle accident you may be able to obtain compensation through the Defendant or the Defendant’s insurance. However, you should never discuss your claim with an insurance adjuster without first speaking to an attorney. Insurance companies frequently attempt to entice settlements with injured parties before an attorney gets involved or before the full extent of the Plaintiff’s injuries are known, which can lead to a settlement far below the case’s true value. Once the case is settled, you cannot re-open the case even if subsequent information about your medical condition is discovered, so it is imperative to make sure your injuries and course of treatment are fully assessed and completed.

Shortly after a motorcycle accident, important physical evidence should be gathered and processed. With the Active Law Group we quickly investigate an accident to evaluate and determine fault. We will examine the evidence and interview witnesses while their memories are still current.

Below is a list of things you should always do if you are involved in a motorcycle accident:

  • Write down the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all witnesses to the accident.
  • Obtain the name, address, telephone number, insurance information, driver’s license number, and the vehicle make and model and license plate number of all other persons involved in the accident.
  • Make sure that the police are called and that they prepare a traffic collision report, accident report or injury report.
  • Take photographs of your vehicle before it is repaired.
  • Take photographs of the scene and of all the other vehicles involved.
  • Take photographs of your injuries right after the accident and as they heal.
  • Get medical assistance immediately and tell your doctors exactly how the injury happened. Be specific in your explanation of what happened, as sloppy or inaccurate descriptions in medical records usually become a problem later in the case.
  • Describe ALL you symptoms and complaints, no matter how minor they may seem at the time.

If you have questions, call our Active Law Group motorcycle accident attorneys at +1 (800)-237-3027 to schedule your free consultation!

Truck Accident

The Experienced Counsel You Need

The past ten years have seen major developments in the trucking industry, from advances in the technology found in the vehicles on the road to significant changes in the rules and regulations that govern the industry itself. A truck accident is complex from both an investigation and litigation perspective. These complexities range from the impact of on-board electronics and the latest governmental regulations on hours of service to truck driver fatigue and the admissibility of simulations in court.

Our Active Law Group trucking accident attorneys represent plaintiffs in accidents involving semi-tractor trailers and 18-wheelers. Because of the large size of semi-tractor trailers and 18-wheelers (some up to 75,000 pounds) persons in automobiles who are struck by these trucks are at an elevated risk for severe injuries, such as:

  • Death
  • Paralysis
  • Broken bones
  • Head trauma
  • Internal bleeding and internal injury to organs
  • Severe bruising
  • Burn injuries

Because of the heightened risks for big rig trucks causing severe injury if involved in an accident, several specific regulations have been implemented by the California Vehicle Code. Violation of any of these statutes, if that specific violation was the cause of the accident, is called negligence per se, which means that the elements of negligence required to be proven are deemed proven automatically due to the violation. Some specific truck oriented statutes include regulations regarding:

  • Height and width
  • Length
  • Weight
  • Speed
  • Lane Restrictions
  • Load Limitations
  • Regulations for drivers on hours of service

In all big rig accidents, it is critical that certain steps be taken as quickly to preserve any evidence present, investigate the accident, interview those involved in the accident as well as witnesses, and file a claim before the statute of limitations.

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Bicycle Accident

Active Law Group Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Taking a Team-Based Approach to Law

There can be a great risk posed to bicycle riders as they are exposed to severe injuries when involved in accidents with other larger and faster moving vehicles. Head and brain injuries tend to represent a majority of injuries that occur in bicycle-related accidents – and they are also among the most dangerous. These injuries are the leading cause of permanent disability and death in bicycle accidents.

There are many different reasons a bicycle accident may occur, including rider error, negligence of a motorist, uneven pavement and over environmental hazards, or even the mechanical failure of the bike itself.

The injuries resulting in these accidents can include:

  • Back and neck trauma
  • Head injury
  • Disability lasting for years, or even permanently
  • Dislocations and fractures
  • Death

I’ve Been Injured in a Bicycle Accident. Now What?

If you have been involved in an accident with a bike, take the following steps to ensure both your physical and legal needs are addressed:

  1. Seek out necessary medical attention as quickly as possible, and be thorough in your description of the accident to your doctors.
  2. File a police report immediately.
  3. Describe every symptom that is presenting, regardless of how minor it may be.
  4. Thoroughly document the scene of the accident, the damage to your property, and your injuries with photo evidence, notes, and the contact information of any witnesses on the scene.
  5. Do not apologize, admit fault, or negotiate with the other parties involved or the insurance company.

Schedule your free consultation today at +1(800)-237-3027 to speak to our team of Active Law Group bicycle accident lawyers. We can help!

Airline Accident

Did You Or A Loved One Suffer From An AirPlane Crash?

Our experienced Active Law Group aviation attorneys are ready to help you recover money for your pain and suffering, medical bills, and lost time at work.

Unfortunately, in the year of 2018 there were over 500 individuals lost their life due to aircraft accidents using commercial airlines. This is up over 1000% from the previous year. These numbers do not even include the countless people who were injured during accidents as well.

After an airplane accident you may be able to collect compensation for medical expenses, lost wages if you missed work, pain and suffering, and scars from the accident. We can help you figure out the exact compensation you’re entitled to receive after calling our firm.

Many airplane accident investigations can be quite costly, generally costing more than $100,000. Our firm at Active Law Group understand this and will advance this money at our own risk and will only recoup this if you win the case. Remember, no fees, unless you win.

Train Accident

Train wrecks are dangerous and most cases people are left with severe injuries or are killed. At Active Law Group of Lake Forest, our team of legal experts have the experience, knowledge and skill that is required to effectively pursue all types of serious injury cases, including injuries or deaths resulting from Metrolink crashes in California.

We will comprehensively investigate every aspect of your claim to assist you in recovering the highest monetary compensation for your injuries or loss. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured as the result of a train collision or MetroLink accident in California, please contact our law offices at +1(800)-237-3027or request a free consultation.

California Train Accident Statistics:

In California, the Federal Railroad Administration reported that in one year 82 people sustained injuries and a total of 29 fatalities occurred due to train accidents.

National statistics show that every two hours there is a train accident that involves property damage, injury and even death.

Other important facts to note about California railroad accidents include:

  • Every 90 minutes there is a train collision or derailment.
  • A train carrying hazardous material goes off the tracks approximately every 2 weeks in the United States.
  • Railroads are essentially self-regulated and do come under the close scrutiny of the federal government.
  • Rail companies continue to rely on technology that was developed over 70 years ago and very little effort has been made to update safety measures.
  • Local jurisdictions often have no control over the train travel in their area resulting in delays for a local emergency response to catastrophic situations in the community. This basically means that the fire trucks will have to wait while a transcontinental freight train passes!
  • More than 50% of all railroad accidents occur at unprotected crossings and, according to the Federal Railroad Administration, over 80% of railroad crossings don’t have adequate warning devices.
  • Statistics may show that although vehicle collisions have decreased in the last few years, pedestrian collisions have become an alarming problem. Rail companies have failed to educate the public, improve warning systems, and enforce regulations.

Lack of Safety in Public Places

Public Safety Law:

When the negligence of property owners fails to protect visitors form injuries, negligence law applies. Lack of public safety is one of the problems that could cause serious personal injuries to individuals. Falling objects, slip and fall injuries, dog bites and inadequate security are all types of lack of safety in public places, which can result in serious personal injuries. Public safety injuries are often slips and fall injuries.

Public Safety Injury Legal Issues:

Under premises liability law, when you are out in a public or commercial place, you have the right to be safe. Individuals can be victims of public safety at supermarkets, parking lots, stadiums, restaurants, amusement parks, malls, hotels, etc. Getting the necessary compensation for personal injuries suffered as a result of a lack of public safety can be difficult because of ownership, responsibility and causation issues.

What an Active Law Group Injury Lawyer can do for you:

When property owners do not protect their guests from injuries on their premises, a premises liability lawyer can be very helpful. Our Active Law Group Premises liability lawyers work with safety engineers, property management experts, architects and engineers. They can identify who is at fault for the injury and can acquire compensation for recovery of injuries suffered due to lack of public safety.

Nursing Home Abuse/ Neglect

Do I Have A Nursing Abuse Case?

If you or a loved one has been the victim of abuse in the hands of professional care you may be entitled to compensation.

Our Active Law Team represents victims or their families in cases of abuse or neglect by hospitals, doctors, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, home health agencies and other care providers. The Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act (EADACPA) protects elders (persons at least 65 years old) and dependent adults from such mistreatment by encouraging lawyers to sue on their behalf. Before EADACPA, wrongdoers often avoided responsibility for their acts by stonewalling claims until elderly victims passed away, at which point such lawsuits lost most of their value. EADACPA eliminated this loophole, and holds bad actors responsible even for those who die as a result of very bad care

If you or your loved one were hurt in an elder-care setting, there is a good chance we can help. We work on contingency, which means we bear the costs of cases we pursue and are not paid a fee or reimbursed costs unless we obtain compensation for you. Please explore our site to learn more about what we do, what your options are, how to contact us, and what role you can play in improving elder and dependent adult care.

Seeking Justice: Lawsuit or State Licensing?

There are two ways of holding an elder care provider accountable for bad care: filing a lawsuit or filing a complaint with a licensing board. Each method involves very different procedures and remedies.

Injury Types:

  • Falls and Fractures
  • Bedsores, Amputations
  • Malnutrition, Dehydration
  • Constipation, Urinary Tract Infection
  • Contractures, Overmedication
  • Infection/ Sepsis

Traumatic Brain Injury

Making a Difference in the lives of injured Californians:

Here at Active Law Group we’ll help you seek justice for whatever case you’re facing. We know that a small, dedicated group of legal professionals is the best way to handle your case. Whether you’re facing complex litigation or seeking full compensation through a settlement, we are confident in our ability to help you. If you are ready to speak with our personal injury lawyers about your case, contact us now to schedule your free consultation and to learn more.

Brain injury cases tend to involve a tremendous amount of loss for innocent people, so recovering maximum monetary compensation on behalf of our clients is of the utmost importance to our legal team. At Active Law Group, we pride ourselves in our ability to form strong case on behalf of clients in California who have suffered these types of debilitating injuries.

A traumatic brain injury can affect anyone at any age; but children, especially newborns to 4-year-olds; young adults, especially those between ages 15 and 24; adults age 60 and over; and males in any group are the most vulnerable.

Falls around the home are the leading cause of traumatic brain injury for infants, toddlers and elderly people. Violent shaking of an infant or toddler is another significant cause. The leading causes for adolescents and adults are automobile and motorcycle accidents, but traumatic brain injuries that occur during violent crimes are also a major source.

Brain Damage

Brain damage or brain injury (BI) is the destruction or degeneration of brain cells. Brain injuries occur due to a wide range of internal and external factors. In general, brain damage refers to significant, undiscriminating trauma-induced damage, while neurotoxicity typically refers to selective, chemically induced neuron damage.

When an accident victim suffers Serious injury, it always imposes extreme hardships on the accident victim and the victim’s family. These hardships often include dramatic and unwanted changes including new and difficult financial burdens. These challenges may never be greater than when a victim suffers a traumatic brain damage or spinal cord injury. These injuries can tragically result from nothing more than another driver’s impatience or indifference to the injury of others.

The brain damage caused by this type of injury often means that the victim’s quality of life is permanently diminished. The victim may even need permanent supportive care. It is especially tragic that traumatic brain injuries can impair someone’s personality, reasoning skills, memory, and ability to engage in even the most basic physical and mental function.

Brain injuries can also occur even when there is no skull fracture. Sharp blows to the head, even without skull fractures, often produce concussions which are, in and of themselves, a type of brain injury with potentially long-lasting effects. Occupants of the motor vehicle during a California car accident also may suffer a traumatic brain injury even though they have suffered no direct blow to the head at all. This is often overlooked by medical personnel, patients and even attorneys not well-versed in head trauma litigation. Such brain injuries can result from the force of the brain impacting the hard bony structure of the skull during a whip-lash type motion common in rear-end type collisions. This internal impact of the brain against the skull may cause bleeding into the space between the brain and the skull, which may cause pressure on the brain. This type of bleeding from the brain is often referred to as a “brain hemorrhage.” The force of the brain striking the inside of the skull also may cause bruising of the brain otherwise referred to as a brain “contusion.”

If you suffer even a minor head injury, you should seek medical attention to ensure there has been no serious head injury that may later become apparent.

If you or someone you love suffers a traumatic brain injury or spinal cord damage, including in a California car accident, you may be entitled to substantial compensation for your injuries. An experienced Active Law Group brain damage lawyer can investigate your claim and advise you of your rights and options. We offer a free initial consultation, so call today to learn about your rights and remedies.

DISCLAIMER: The materials on this website are for general information purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice, legal opinion or any other advice on any specific facts or circumstances. Readers should not act or refrain from acting upon this information without seeking professional advice.

Birth Defects

According to the Center for Disease Control (“CDC”), one out of every 33 babies in the United States is born with a birth defect with the cause often unknown. The CDC reports that birth defects are the leading cause of infant death in the United States, resulting in 20% of all infant deaths.

Many birth defects are caused by exposure to teratogens that occur during pregnancy. A recent growth in the exposure to such toxic chemicals has caused a sharp increase in birth defects. Parents, whose child was born with a birth defect, which could have been caused by certain exposure to toxic chemicals during pregnancy, may recover substantial amounts of financial compensation with the help of our experienced birth defect lawyer.

The birth defect lawyers at Active Law Group, can help parents distinguish the relationship between chemical exposure and particular birth defects. When the cause is unknown, a birth defect lawyer can work with specialized scientific and medical professionals to determine if the birth defect has any relation to chemical exposure.

The alarming number of birth defects caused by toxic chemical exposure has increased the demand for competent birth defect attorneys, and has also led to federal funding of research into causes of birth defects from teratogen chemicals.

Lawyers at Active Law Group confirm that teratogen chemical agents that cause birth defects may be contained in medications negligently prescribed by a doctor, in chemicals used in the workplace, or toxic substances that have contaminated the air or groundwater in a community, making those in the immediate vicinity vulnerable to chemical exposure. This is why it is so important to go to an experienced and well-qualified birth defect lawyer, who with the help of medical specialists can determine the cause of the birth defect.

Attention!!! If you believe that your child’s birth defect was caused by exposure to toxic chemicals or hazardous conditions in your workplace, you and your child may be entitled to compensation. For a free consultation, please call our experienced birth defect lawyers +1(800)-237-3027or by submitting a confidential email inquiry.

Medical Mistakes

Medical Mistakes Injury Law:

It is expected that medical professionals are responsible for providing the best treatment possible. Medical mistakes made by medical professionals can have devastating effects on people. Negligence is the top reason why medical mistakes occur, but also among the reasons are:

  • Incompetent staff
  • Lack of communication
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Overworked staff
  • Misread prescriptions
  • Medical Mistakes Legal Issues:

It is common for medical mistakes to occur and thusly become a reason for medical malpractice lawsuits. Patients are usually faced with heavy financial burdens as a result of medical mistakes. Patients are put at risk of harm and may suffer serious personal injuries. If a patient falls victim to a medical mistake, they may be entitled to get compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and compensation for other expenses, such as therapy.

What an Active Law Group Injury Lawyer can do for you:

Medical mistake cases are not easy to handle alone. They need lots of legal knowledge and involve large hospitals, complex medical procedures and insurance companies. A medical mistake lawyer is familiar with the process. They work hard to get you the justice you deserve. Malpractice lawyers will conduct research into your case and figure out if you have a valid claim.

According to a 2003 report by the California Healthcare Foundation, 10,000 people a year die and 140,000 are injured due to medical errors during treatment by some healthcare provider. Many errors are due to substandard care practices, but others relate to insurance coverage problems. Medical facilities today may be reluctant to admit people with certain low quality insurance policies, forcing those people to go to other facilities that provide inadequate care.

In 2000, California passed SB 1875, also known as the Medication Safety Bill or the Minimization of Medication-Related Errors Bill. It requires hospitals to develop plans to reduce medication error rates. The hospitals across the state do have a high compliance rate, but people continue to suffer and die from medical errors. For injured persons or the loved ones of people who died from medical mistakes, this is just not sufficient at any level. Many errors are easily avoided, but occur because medical personnel are poorly trained, uneducated, Do not speak English or are careless in their duties and observations of patients. For many patients, medical errors are not even reported because they are cared for at home or non-medical facilities.

Cerebral Palsy

How a birth injury can lead to Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral palsy is caused by damage to a developing baby’s brain before, during or immediately after birth. While uncommon, some cerebral palsy cases can be linked medical errors and complications, such as:

  • Improperly treated or undetected infections
  • Severe untreated jaundice
  • Asphyxiation
  • Failure to detect decreased heartbeat during birth
  • Forceful delivery
  • Delay in performing a C-Section
  • Bleeding or lack of oxygen
  • Misuse of vacuum extractor or forceps
  • Umbilical cord complications

Cerebral Palsy is a permanent condition that requires lifelong treatment. For CP children with coexisting intellectual disabilities, related expenses add an additional $50,000 a year.

Contact the Active Law Group today for a Free Consultation. 

Defective Product

Defective Products Injury Law:

A defective product is dangerous because it may cause an injury or illness. The illness may be psychological or physical as a result of a defect in the product or mislabeling. Defective products might be in drinks, household cleaners, toys, cars, health products, medical appliances, etc. It may be difficult to know that a personal injury is a result of a defective product.

Defective Products Injury Legal Issues:

It is the responsibility of manufacturers to make sure that their products are safe. Their products need to go through quality control measures to make sure they are not defective products. Design or manufacturing flaws can have tragic and devastating consequences for consumers. Defective product victims should be able to receive the compensation they need to recover from their injuries, lost wages, pain and suffering and medical expenses.

What an Active Law Group Injury Lawyer can do for you?

Defective product claims may be both federal and state related. An experienced Active Law Group defective product lawyer can help determine if a person’s claim is under state law or federal law. This will help the claim advance to the next level. Defective product lawyers help protect recovery rights for victims suffering serious personal injuries.

Slip and Fall

Lake Forest Slip & Fall Accident Lawyers Serving Orange County

The most common premises liability claims, injuries from slips and falls occur when a property owner is negligent in the upkeep and care of their property. These cases are often complicated, however, and it can be hard to prove fault. A successful claim must prove the link between an owner and the unsafe condition, including a lack of warning to tenants or visitors.

Merely owning or occupying the land does not equal strict liability for all injuries sustained and there must be provable negligence to determine liability.

Our Active Law Group premises liability attorneys understand the complexities and nuances of these cases. We represent plaintiffs in suits against negligent owners of commercial, residential, and public property.

Determining Eligibility…

Filing a slip and fall accident claim relies on the following:

  • The injury happened because of a negligent condition, such as bad lighting, uneven floors or carpets, lack of handrails, broken stairs, wet floors, concealed holes, dangerous pets, poor maintenance, lacking security, or other conditions.
  • Your injury occurred due to a lack of proper warning or signage or when the property owner did not fix the dangerous issue within a timely manner
  • The owner knew, or should have known about the dangerous condition that caused your injury but did nothing to warn you or fix the problem

When you or a loved one have been injured by slipping and falling due to the negligence of a property owner, you may be able to file a claim for compensation to help you pay for lost wages, medical and rehabilitation costs, and physical and emotional pain and suffering.

Call our firm at +1(800)-237-3027 to learn more about your legal options.

Construction Accident

California Construction Accident Attorney

The construction industry has one of the highest rates of accidents involving workers of all industries. These accidents may be the result of work environments that are always changing, involve the use of heavy equipment, machinery, and power tools, and difficult site conditions. Construction workers are entitled to workers’ compensation in the event of a workplace accident, which provides for medical treatment and lost wages. In some cases, however, negligence on the part of a third party may have contributed to the construction accident, in which case the injured person may seek a third-party injury claim.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a construction accident anywhere in California, you should consult with an Active Law Group, construction accident lawyer at our firm at your earliest opportunity. Our attorneys are well-versed in California personal injury law and can analyze your case to determine if you are eligible to file such a claim or lawsuit. We can initiate legal action on your behalf if appropriate in an effort to recover the maximum compensation for damages you have suffered.

Types of Construction Accidents

Many factors may result in an accident at a construction site. These include the unsafe or improper use of equipment, defective equipment or machinery, poor work methods, insufficient or poor training of workers, lack of safety measures, and dangerous site conditions. These types of accidents can result in injuries ranging from cuts and bruises to burns to deaths caused in falls, explosions, electrocutions, and more. Liability for construction accidents may rest on site owners, engineers, construction managers, general contractors, sub-contractors, or manufacturers of equipment. Each case involving a construction accident is unique and must be reviewed by an experienced California construction accident attorney at the firm to determine the responsibility and accountability of those involved.

Contact an Active Law Group, California construction accident attorney, if you have been seriously injured in a California construction site accident.

Lead Paint Poisoning

Lead Paint Poisoning Injury Law:

Lead paint poisoning is a big environmental risk, especially to young children. Lead is used in paint, plumbing fixtures and gasoline. Even though lead paint was banned in 1978, it remains on older buildings. When chipping or peeling is ingested, it can cause lead paint poisoning. In large amounts, lead can cause brain damage, behavior problems, anemia, kidney problems and birth defects.

Lead Paint Poisoning Legal Issues:

When ingested at high levels, lead paint poisoning can lead to mental retardation, convulsions and even death. Poisoned children can suffer a lower IQ and attention span, impaired growth and behavioral effects. Sometimes, lead paint poisoning does not have identifiable symptoms and is hard to prove. A blood test is a way of finding out if a child is poisoned. A child who suffers lead paint poisoning may require special education and earn less money when they get older due to their intellectual incapacitation.

What an Active Law Group Injury Lawyer can do for you?

Since lead paint poisoning has serious health consequences which can affect a child long term, a parent has the right to get justice. An Active Law Group lead paint poisoning lawyer can help you fight the negligence of individuals, corporations or agencies that have used lead paint. If your child has been poisoned and you have medical expenses, you may be entitled to compensation. Serious personal injury lawyers understand that your child’s future prospects are weakened and will help you get the compensation you need.

Dog Bites

Active Law Group, Dog Bite Lawyer in Lake Forest
Defending the Rights of the Victim
“Dog Bite Statute

Civil Code Section 3342 provides that a dog’s owner holds full liability for the injuries sustained from a dog bite that takes place in a public area, or a private area where the victim is lawfully present.

Under this statute, the vicious character of the dog, or the owner’s knowledge of such character, is irrelevant. One bite is enough to support liability against the dog’s owner. To successfully win a dog bite case, our (A.L.G.) Lake Forest dog bite lawyers must prove the following:

  • The dog was owned by the Defendant;
  • The injured person was bitten by the dog;
  • The dog bite caused injury; and
  • The injured person was in a public place, or lawfully on the premises where the bite occurred.

The most recent statistical analysis of dog bite injuries generated some staggering results. Below are some of the results:

  • 68 million dogs were pets in the United States.
  • 368,245 victims were treated for dog bite injuries.
  • 42% of dog bites occur in children 14 years of age or younger.
  • Over 300 people have been killed in dog attacks in the last 25 years.
  • Rottweilers and Pit Bulls accounted for 60% of those fatalities.
  • California is ranked first in the United States in fatal dog attacks.
  • 4.5 million people (about 2% of the American population) are bitten by dogs each year.
  • The most dangerous breeds (as related to dog attack fatalities) are Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes. Of those, Pit Bulls were responsible for twice as many fatal attacks as any other breed, followed by the Rottweiler.

Often times within the first days after an attack, important physical evidence can be lost and/or witnesses may become hard to find or forgetful. At Active Law Group, we will promptly investigate an attack to assess and determine who owns the dog, obtain photographs of the dog, and get the County Animal Control involved to ensure the dog has had the requisite rabies shots. We will analyze all the evidence and speak to witnesses while their recollection is still fresh.

If you have been attacked by a dog, you may have suffered painful injuries. The most common injuries in dog bite cases are puncture wounds, loss of fingers or toes, and debilitating flesh wounds leaving unsightly scars. Treatment often-times requires skin grafting or scar revision treatment. These treatments can be lengthy and expensive. If you have suffered any injuries from a dog attack, you may be entitled to file a claim and recover the expenses associated with the injury, such as medical expenses, lost wages, emotional distress, disfigurement, or permanent disability experienced as a result.

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Injured Children

Injured Children Law:

Each year, there are more than 14 million cases of injured children. Children get accidentally hurt and may be so seriously injured and need medical attention. Injured children suffer from broken bones, brain damage,third-degree burns and even spinal cord injury.

Injured Children Legal Issues:

Injured children suffer from the pain of temporary and long term damages. Some of the cases are so permanent, they may be limited when they grow up. Serious cases of injured children are a result of:

  • Immunization problems
  • Prescription drug problems
  • Playground injuries

Medical treatment errors can result in years and sometimes a lifetime of medical and recovery for your injured child. Faulty products, such as playground equipment, can result in serious injuries for a child.

What an Active Law Group Injured Lawyer can do for you?

Injured children need special and careful attention. If a child is injured as a result of negligence, a case can be emotionally and technically complicated and requires the help of a lawyer. Our Active Law Group Injured children lawyers understand the complex nature of these cases and prepare the presentation of medical issues to a jury. Our Lawyers help you get the appropriate financial resources.


Burns and Scars Injury Law:

The most common burn injuries are thermal burns from exposure to fire, scalding water or hot objects. Burn injuries can cause damage to muscles, nerve tissues, bones and skin and can also cause fractures. Residential fires are the leading cause for burns/scars and they are mostly related to negligence. Other common causes of burns are:

  • Car accidents
  • Electrical accidents
  • Industrial Accidents
  • Gas Explosions
  • Hot water contact

Burns and Scars Injury Legal Issues:

Burns and scars are very difficult to evaluate for insurance company representatives. It is important for burn or scar victims to consult legal representation. Burn injury cases go beyond pain and suffering because of the damage to human body and possible long term recovery. Insurance companies don’t always provide enough compensation to burn victims. A burn injury needs special attention because of its permanent effects.

What an Injury Lawyer can do for you:

Burns and scars can have permanent effects on a person. A victim can need significant medical attention, cosmetic surgery, physical therapy and other expensive long term treatments. It is important to get help from a lawyer who has experience in burn cases. An Active Law Group burn injury lawyer can help you get the money you need to help you recover from the expenses of cosmetic surgery or other medical expenses.

Insurance Companies

Insurance Companies Law:

Most individual, companies and organizations contact with insurance companies for financial assistance if they injury or damage to another party. Insurance companies represent automobile drivers and owners involved in accidents, companies involved in product or premises liability and homeowners when property damage or injury occurs.

Insurance Companies Legal Issues:

Insurance companies earn profit when insurance payments are less than payouts. There is a profit motive for insurance companies to payout as little as possible when damages or injury occur. If an unjust amount or denial of claim occurs there is a bad faith insurance claim. Insurance companies are only liable if the damages result from an event that is specifically covered in the policy. If an insurance company wrongfully classifies a claim as “uncovered” there is a bad faith insurance claim.

What an Active Law Group Insurance Lawyer can do for you?

An Active Law Group insurance lawyer can represent you and your case against the insurance company and in litigation if necessary. When insurance coverage is in dispute, our insurance lawyers can help the victim get the coverage they are entitled too.

Class Action Lawsuit

A Class Action lawsuit is appropriate when a group of people with similar injuries that were caused by the same conduct or product bring lawsuits against the defendant together. Often, class actions are brought in connection with injuries arising out of dangerous products or toxic torts. However, they may also be appropriate in consumer fraud or mass tort situations, such as airplane crashes.

In general, a class action is appropriate when many individuals have suffered the same or similar injuries, and those injuries are relatively minor. When your injuries are minor, it may not be worthwhile to bring a lawsuit on your own, and it may not be financially feasible for an attorney to take your case. However, if many people suffer similar minor injuries, a class action lawsuit is an excellent tool to seek redress and also deter the defendant from acting similarly in the future. When the number of people affected by a dangerous product or toxic tort is too high, it may be unreasonable for them to file individual lawsuits.

Another benefit of bringing a class action lawsuit is its efficiency. The judge, attorneys, evidence, legal rulings, and other aspects of litigation are consolidated so that there are not inconsistent or different rulings by different judges on various aspects of the same type of case. Aggregating small claims reduces the costs of litigation both for the individuals involved and for the judicial system. The class or group files with a “representative plaintiff,” also known as a “lead” or “named” plaintiff. If the class wins, the recovery will be divided among the plaintiffs.

Broken Bones

Broken Bones Injury Law:

Broken bones are serious personal injuries that are commonly sustained in accidents. Any broken bone can be disruptive to the normal flow of one’s life. Wearing a cast can put an impediment to one’s daily activities. Depending on where the broken bones are in the body, the injury can be mildly painful or extremely severe. Broken bone injuries can prevent the injured from working and if not treated can cause permanent impairments.

Broken Bones Legal Issues:

Broken bones may require taking time out of one’s schedule to make it to doctor’s appointments and take expensive X-rays, sometimes even undergo surgeries. Even after the cast comes off, the effects last for a long time. Broken bones resulting from auto accidents or work-related injuries can cause devastating monetary losses.

What an  Active Law Group Injury Lawyer can do for you?

Lawyers who deal with serious injuries such as broken bones know how to deal with insurance companies. They make sure that you are fairly compensated for your monetary losses. Our Active Law Group Broken bone injury lawyers can assist you through the workman’s compensation process if your injury was a work injury. Broken bones injury lawyers determine the costs involved in the road to recovery.


Paralysis Injury Law:

Paralysis is the loss of movement caused by the inability to control the muscles in the body. Severity of paralysis differs. A paraplegic paralysis means the complete inability to move the legs. A quadriplegic paralysis is the partial or complete inability to move both the arms and both the legs. The cause of paralysis can be a stroke or spinal cord injury.

Paralysis Injury Legal Issues:
Treatment for paralysis is very expensive. A person experiencing this type of serious personal injury may not have sufficient amounts, especially if they are unable to work. If an accident you were involved in resulted in paralysis, the at-fault parties responsible for your accident should pay expenses, including expenses for pain and suffering and loss of employment.

What an Active Law Group  Lawyer can do for you?
A paralysis injury lawyer is a good source to turn to for your paralysis recovery needs. An Active Law Group Injury lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve for your serious injuries. Our serious personal injury Lawyers have the knowledge and resources needed to help a victim get the results they ought to have. Our (A.L.G.) Paralysis lawyers are committed to presenting information to juries and insurance companies to take care of your medical care issues.

Wrongful Death

Lake Forest Wrongful Death Lawyers
Experience & Compassion

Wrongful death lawsuits are different than other types of personal injury lawsuits. A wrongful death action is brought by the surviving family members. The recoverable damages do not include damages personal to the decedent, such as pain and suffering. (See Survival Actions below). The intent of a wrongful death action is to provide family members with the help they need following the death of their loved one. Our Lake Forest Active Law Group wrongful death attorneys can help.

Wrongful death laws, which vary from state to state, generally enable the decedent’s beneficiaries to file a lawsuit for a death that was caused by a wrongful act or negligence of another. In California, only certain persons can file a wrongful death suit on behalf of a decedent. These generally include the following three categories of persons:

  • The decedent’s surviving spouse, domestic partner, children, and issue of deceased children.
  • Whether qualified under the first category or not, a putative spouse, stepchildren, and parents, if they were dependent on the decedent.
  • Whether or not qualified under the first or second category, a minor, who, at the time of the decedent’s death, resided for the previous 180 days in the decedent’s household and depended on the decedent for one half or more of his or her support.

Deaths caused by vehicular accidents, drunk driving, defective or dangerous products, medical negligence, failure to diagnose a fatal disease, homicide, or construction defects may trigger wrongful death claims.

In a wrongful death action, it must be established that the proximate cause of the death was the negligence or other wrongful act of the defendant. Since, as a general rule, the plaintiff in a wrongful death case stands in the shoes of the decedent, the plaintiff must make the same showing of proximate cause that the decedent, had he or she lived, would have been required to make in order to recover for the wrongful act that caused the death.

The types of damages recoverable in a wrongful death lawsuit will vary depending on the jurisdiction. Below are some examples of types of damages that may be recoverable:

  • Loss of Financial Support. A large component of pecuniary recovery awarded in wrongful death actions is loss of financial support and contributions. A wrongful death plaintiff may obtain the present value of future contributions that the decedent would have made during the period of life expectancy, including the loss benefits from the death, e.g., pension or retirement benefits.
  • Loss of Services. A significant element of wrongful death recovery is compensation for loss of the decedent’s services, including personal service, advice and training. Activities that the decedent would have performed, which would have saved the plaintiff the necessity of doing them or hiring another to do them, are compensable losses.
  • Loss of Care, Comfort and Society. Traditionally, recovery in wrongful death cases was limited to “pecuniary loss.” Nevertheless, California courts have long awarded wrongful death plaintiffs damages for loss of care, comfort and society. Although under the wrongful death statute there is no recovery for grief, sorrow, or emotional or mental distress caused by the death of the decedent, recovery of emotional distress damages may be proper under a theory of negligent or intentional infliction of emotional distress if the plaintiff witnessed the incident that caused the death.
  • Recovery of Funeral and Burial Expenses. The reasonable value of funeral and burial expenses that have been paid, or for which the wrongful death plaintiff remains liable, are recoverable, as are the costs of funeral services. In the absence of evidence to the contrary, actual expenses will be considered a reasonable amount. As such, evidence that a funeral bill was paid is evidence that it was reasonable.
  • Punitive Damages. Punitive damages are generally not permitted in wrongful death actions. A few statutory exceptions exist, including a death that resulted from a homicide for which the defendant was convicted of a felony.

It is critical to all wrongful death matters that the necessary steps be taken as quickly as possible to ensure that the claim is filed properly before the statute of limitations is up. You and your legal team will need to investigate the incident, preserve evidence, and get statements from involved parties and witnesses.

Survival Actions:

A wrongful death action is distinguishable from an action that survives the death of a person to whom a cause of action has accrued. It is often the case that a person whose death has become the subject of a wrongful death action did not die at the time of the wrongful act. If an injured party did not die instantaneously, a personal injury cause of action exists for damages suffered between the time of the injury and the time of death. This cause of action survives the death of the decedent and belongs to the decedent’s estate. It is different from the cause of action for wrongful death. While a wrongful death action is a new action that accrues at the time of the decedent’s death, a survival action is a means of preserving a distinct and separate cause of action that an injured person had before death.

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Work Injury

Work Injury Workers Compensation Law:

Work injuries are injuries an employee experiences while they are on the job. Work injuries typically fall under workers’ compensation cases. Employees must be provided workers’ compensation benefits by their employers. There are five types of benefits provided by workers’ compensation for work injuries:

  1. Medical care benefits
  2. Temporary disability benefits
  3. Permanent disability benefits
  4. Vocational rehabilitation services
  5. Death benefits

Work Injury Legal Issues:

Workers’ compensation provides compensation for work injuries. However, it is not based upon negligence. It is based on the relationship between the injured worker and the employee. This means that if you are employed by a company and you suffer a work injury, you are compensated under workers’ compensation coverage no matter whose fault the injury was. Emotional stress or mental anguish are not covered by workers’ compensation. Generally, you will be paid two-thirds of your total wages at the time of the work injuries. This amount is determined by all the forms of income you receive from work, including wages, food, lodging, tips, commissions, overtime and bonuses. You also have the right to receive medical treatment.

What an Active Law Group Workers’ Compensation Lawyer can do for you?

These workers’ compensation benefits can be complicated. Workers’ compensation does pay for work injuries, but not for stress and anguish. Especially in the case of work injuries that result in permanent disability, permanent disability is difficult to calculate. If an injury is caused by a third-party source an Active Law Group workers’ compensation lawyer can help establish negligence for you.