2019 Class Action

Class Action

A California “class action” lawsuit is a legal action in which one or more plaintiffs sue as representatives of a “class” of people with similar claims. Liability is then determined by a judge who approves a legal remedy for all members of the class.

Common types of class action litigation our California personal injury attorneys handle include (but are not limited to):

  • Consumer fraud, Dangerous or defective products liability
  • Employment wage and hour class actions
  • Valsartan Lawsuits, and Civil rights violations
  • Securities violations
  • Immigration violations

Automobile Recalls

Automobile Recall Law

Automobile recalls are the recollection of dangerous and defective vehicles through the manufacturing company that assembled the vehicle. All vehicle manufacturers must comply with set standards in order to ensure that they are producing safe vehicles, and if their vehicles do not meet the requirements, they must be held accountable.

Automobile Recall Legal Issues

Many vehicles that are defected and are issued an automobile recall are caused by automakers who try to lower down their cost of production, by bring down the safety and the quality of vehicle. The result of this action causes major accidents and catastrophic injuries to those who purchased the vehicle and/or to any passenger present of the time of the accident.

What an Active Law Group Lawyer can do for you?

If you are experiencing injuries or cost from a recall vehicle you should consider the assistance of an Active Law Group lawyer who has experience in automobile recalls. An automobile recall lawyer can ensure your rights as a consumer are protected. Our lawyers can also assist in getting the monetary compensation you deserve for your injuries, monies owed for your medical and hospital bills, loss of work, and other related expenses caused by the automobile recall.